How to easily create noisemap

You as health and safety officer are concerned about the noise that workers in the factory are exposed to. You already performed noise level measurements at the different placed that workers are stationed. However, some workers spend they 8 hour working day on various places with all different sound levels.

What to do if you have your measurement results and want to create a good looking and exact noisemap of the factory in a few minutes ?

Use NoiseAtWork software !

The Noise At Work software is specially designed to facilitate easy making of noise maps for occupational noise.

The only think you have to do is to load a bitmap (pictures, drawing, map) of the factory and add the values of the noise measurements at the different locations.

Once you have done this, automatically a very good looking and easy to use noisemap will be created.

If you are concerned about the noise levels that individual workers are exposed at, you can easily make a ‘routing’, for example a worker works 1.46 hours at the bench, 2 hours at welding table, 2.3 hours at the drawing board and 2 hours in the general area in the factory. The software will easily calculate the total noise dose for this person.

This gives health and safety officers to let workers change positions during the day so that the safe noise levels are not exceeded.

A quiet working environment is not a luxury, it’s a necessary quality that will give give better performance and well-being of the workers.

Rent or buy NoiseAtWork version 5.0 online or or contact us for more info about Noise At Work software noise mapping 

Step 1: mark the measurement locations

Step 2: Open your scanned map or CAD drawing in MapAtWork

Step 3: Define the workspace and inner walls by drawing them on the map

Step 4: Click on the marked locations and enter the measured values. Automatically the contours will be shown