Noise Equipment Geonoise

Noise equipment Geonoise Thailand Co., Ltd.

Geonoise has a wide range of noise registration equipment and software to analyze the measurement data and to make noise predictions and noise maps.


Nor140,  complete type 1 Sound Analyzer (also for vibration measurements)

Nor139: Environmental / Occupational noise Sound Analyzer

Nor131, complete type 1 Sound Level Meter, Analyzer

Nor850, multichannel rack for building acoustics measurements, ISO 140.

Nor276, 278: Sound source + dodehecadron speaker + tapping machine (Building Acoustics)

Nor848, acoustic camera for sound source location

NorReview, NorMonit, software for postporcessing and noise monitoring


SoundPLAN complete, sound mapping for road noise, rail noise, industrial noise (indoor / outdoor), airport noise, Building Acoustics


Occupational Noise Mapping software.


We represent all mentioned manufacturers and are actively selling and supporting their hardware and software products. For more info please contact-us.