Noise Surveys/Engineering

Noise measurements- Occupational Noise Mapping made easy

Geonoise an independent consultant in noise control engineering with offices in Thailand and Hong Kong. We are specialized in assessing noise problems and solving them. To support industries, we also sell software and hardware to solve noise related problems.


We can support you with:

  • Noise / vibration survey in workplaces, factories and on installations
  • Occupational noise mapping
  • Design noise reduction measures on the noise source itself and supervise the implementation
  • Support your safety staff with easy to use yet powerful occupational noise mapping software
  • Calculation of the propagation of industrial noise according to International standards such as ISO9613
  • Independent noise surveys in relation to offshore projects complying with Norsok, IMO resolution requirements

Geonoise Thailand is fully equipped to execute sound level measurements in workplaces (onshore and offshore) as well as for sound insulation and noise emission outdoors.


We can also perform sound power measurements, direct or with a reference sound source, or with sound intensity depending on which method suits the situation best.


Furthermore we can offer measurements for Whole Body Vibration, (WBV) ad Hand Arm Vibration and impact sound insulation for building acoustics.